Education Compendium

A collection of materials authored by me for teachers and students in various subjects in late secondary and early tertiary education.

The two main topics were initially intended to be Maths and Physics, but I use LaTeX almost excusively to produce various types of document, so there is now also a LaTeX section. The about page expands on why I'm doing this and the bio page is a lttle about who I am - history, qualifications and educational experience. The structure page explains the structure of the site as a whole.

So far I've started the Maths and LaTeX sections. I have a significant amount of material from my old education web site about physics, but I need to reformat it all before putting it here, and also much new work that I have written.

I've written several articles related to teaching certain concepts in physics and maths and also a paper presenting some original work I've done with Pyhthagorean Triples. I am working to get these published since recently being given the spur of having been established as an author in the American Journal of Physics.

The main purpose of this web site is to present various materials relating to my interest and experience in the education of science and mathematics.